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PLM PuZZles is highly honored to collaborate with an esteemed European Company for their critical data migration from Agile PLM to PTC Windchill. PLM PuZZles significantly contributed to the successful data migration of Agile PLM to PTC Windchill PLM. Our company led transformation of Agile PLM Data to PTC Windchill WBM(Windchill Bulk Migrator) format. We carried out the migration of 4 to 5 business units of customer, Health Care widely spread across different countries in the world, roughly around a duration of 2.5 years of time span.

Along with Agile PLM data, SAP Data is merged as well in the transformation.

We are capable of implementing data migrations, integrations and customizations of Agile PLM Systems.


Erik van Beeck Calkoen,

Director of I2M Change & Configuration Management deployments for Philips (Windchill is one of them)



We transitioned data from Agile to Windchill. The two application have a different data models and needed to be executed globally. This was a complex project where all teams needed to learn during the project. The last details were always the hard nuts to crack. Knowledge of the processes is key and Manju and team provided that well, compared with patience, flexibility and customer friendliness. The projects are ended and I can recommend Manju & team to anybody. Job well done!

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