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PLM PuZZles provides all kind of optimised solutions for enterprises which uses Agile PLM as the centralized PLM. Our services include PLM implementations, Migration from PLM Systems from and to Agile PLM, Upgrade of Agile PLM and Integration with PLM Systems, ERP tools, SCM, MES Systems, CAD Systems like CREO in Manufacturing industries, Health Care, Retail & Services, High tech, Discrete, Chemical Industries etc. Our vision is to extend the services to other PLM tools like PTC Windchill, EMatrix etc.


The company works to establish business to integrate PLM data, processes, business systems and ultimately people in an extended enterprise to manage communication and information with their customers (CRM - Customer Relationship Management), with their suppliers and fulfillment (SCM Supply Chain Management), their resources within the in the enterprise (Enterprise Resource Planning).

The company works to carry on and engage in the business at its own or in association with any Indian or foreign agencies, 
individuals, firm, company or Government undertaking either in India or abroad related to all Product Life Cycle Management and Software consulting.

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